Office Memorandum

Plastic Rules dated 13.06.2019
Draft Office Memorandum for Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) in Distillery (Yeast manufacturing unit included), Tannery, Paper and Slaughter house.
Check list for Central Inspection System (CSI)
Bio medical fees modification office order dated 7.9.2018
Delegation of Financial Power to Regional Officer
Calendar for CTO Application Submission
Delegation of Power for Show Cause & Closure Order
Red Category of Industry consent Period revision
Office Order Regarding- Technology & Start-Up Policy 2017-2022.
Revised fee structure for BMW, Hazardous authorization etc.
Red, Orange, Green & White Category are adopted by Board.
Office Order regarding Green Belt Guidelines dated 16.02.2018
Office Order dated 19.01.2018 regarding Solar Power Plant.
Office Order In Compliance the Minutes of 4th 'State Level Committee'held on 14.12.2015 regarding "Slaughter House
Consent Validity Office Order Dated 06.10.2017
Office Memorandum Dated: 18.06.2015 Regarding Nivesh Mitra
G.O. Dated 09/06/2015 Regarding Solar Power Plant
G.O. Dated 28/04/2015 Regarding Nivesh Mitra